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about 5 years ago

The Soft-Wash (non-pressure) Roof cleaning method is the ONE AND ONLY manufacturer recommended way to clean ANY roof, and strongly advise AGAINST the use of any direct pressure on your roof!

Although the traditional method, using pressure, may be cheaper, it comes with a lot of added damage. Here are the reasons you should never clean your roof using pressure:


  • Results in broken tiles which results in leaks and added cost of repairs
  • Results in Scarring the surface of your tiles
  • Results in shifting roof tiles
  • If done continuously, you will shorten the lifespan of your roof
  • In most cases, using pressure on your roof will void the insurance policy, and the roof warranty!
  • This method will result in a clean that only lasts 6 months, to a year, at the very most.

Why do some companies use pressure on your roof, if it’s obviously the wrong way?

  • Extremely low start up cost
  • They may not have done the necessary research
  • They know it's wrong, but simply don't care

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